BCA Incinerators

Incinerators are required in all manufacturing and process areas where a reject product may arise and requires destroying completely. This also refers to hotels where one requires incinerating such items as wastes, and sanitary towels etc. Hospitals on the other hand have a total responsibility to dispose of their pathological and surgical waste in a manner such as to safeguard the environment and the general public.

BCA incinerators are your solution to most waste management problems involving solid, liquid or gaseous waste. They are designed to destroy a variety of waste including, but not limited to, waste papers, oils, grease, wood chips, sanitary waste, pathological waste, polythene waste, cartons, and kitchen waste.

BCA has available different models of incinerators that fit customer’s specifications with the largest unit averaging at 500kgs/hr. The small units come in a packaged form and are delivered to the site ready for firing within 24 hours of arrival. The units are also very cost effective and can burn off general waste of 20 – 80 kg/hr. All units are available with scrubber, filter and heat recovery as optional extras.

BCA also offer full technical support service with highly qualified and experienced personnel for any type of emergency or programmed maintenance. For BCA the Client’s satisfaction and the efficiency of the after sale service are considered absolute priorities.

BCA also import and commission incinerators from our principals overseas.

Grand Warrior Model

The Grand Warrior Model was designed in 2006 and is the largest packaged unit that is available with an approximate height of 2.400 metres high. The unit was designed with the view of targeting the larger institutions with maximum waste of 800kgs per day. It is a free standing unit on its own main frame and requires only a firm base and weather proof housing for protection.

Moral Model

The Moran Model was designed in 2006 and is the smallest unit that we supply with an approximate height of 2.00 metres. The unit was designed with the view of targeting small institutions with maximum waste of 100kg per day. It is a free standing unit and requires a firm base and weather proof housing for protection.

Waste Disposal Unit

Designed to dispose Waste paper, Polythene bags, Vegetable waste matter, General hotel waste, Cardboard boxes, Surgical dressings, Pathological waste, General hospital waste, Expired drugs/oils/cosmetics, Plastic containers /bottles / products, Wood chipping/sawdust, Insecticide containers (BUT NOT AEROSOL CANS). The unit requires weather proof housing for protection inclusive of garbage area storage and ash storage.


The exterior Part of a cremator.


The interior of a full functioning cremator.



CEO inspects a weather proof incinerator housing with garbage area storage and ash storage.

Incinerators from our Principal Overseas

These units are designed by our principal overseas in South Africa and come fully packaged for immediate installation. The big units (Macro burn) can burn all kinds of waste and they range from 20kgs/hr up to 450kgs/hr.

Macroburn Incinerator

Macroburn Incinerator

Oil & gas fired units with both ignition and after firing burners

All units available with automatic emission control, Automatic pyrometer control, Automatic air control system, flame intensifier system as optional extras. Feed ram filter & scrubber as optional extra. Ranges up to 500kg/hr (4,000 kg per day)

Needle/Stub Incinerator

Needle/Stub Incinerator

Needles and syringes when incinerated in a medical waste incinerator DO NOT incinerate the steel shaft of the needle. This makes the ash very dangerous to handle. The HNI system resolves this problem by first incinerating the needles; the syringe and soft waste can be incinerated in the medical waste incinerator.

This unit is mainly used in the medical field where the medical staff and anyone handling the waste needs absolute protection.

HNI 001, HNI 001F, HNI 002
 and HNI 004



Sanitary Towel Incinerator

This is a unit that will mainly be used in the ladies lavatories for disposal of used sanitary towels. It is applicable in all institutions for a safe, clean and hygienic environment. It is adequate for up to 40 users and can be connected to a single or common flue system. Opening the charging door automatically switches on the heating element for a pre-set incineration time. Ash residue is simply removed from the lockable drawer. The robustly built Sanitary towel incinerator is made of heavy duty, corrosive resistant sheet steel and has a stainless steel incinerator chamber. For long life and trouble free use, it incorporates a special sheathed wire element, and is easily wall mounted with integral keyhole-slotted lugs.

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