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We Manufacture:

Burners: Fuel & Oil

Burners: Fuel & Oil

BCA is one of the major agents in the Eastern and North Africa region for Riello Burners, the largest burner manufacturers in the World. We supply Industrial burners (Multistage and Modulating), Light Oil burners, Gas burners, Fuel burners and their spares.

Boilers: Water & Steam

BCA calculate and compute appropriate boiler sizing and capacities to suit any particular requirements, for Factories, Hospitals, Hotels, Health Centres, Food Processors, Textile Mills, and Vegetable Oil Mills, Canners, Laundries, Saw Mills, Colleges, and Institutions etc.


BCA incinerators are your solution to most waste management problems involving solid, liquid or gaseous waste. They are designed to destroy a variety of waste including, but not limited to, waste papers, oils, grease, wood chips, sanitary waste, pathological waste, polythene waste, cartons, and kitchen waste.

Spares :Burners & Boilers

Refractory repairs:BCA undertake repairs and rebuilding of refractory brick and cast refractory structures such as incinerators, quarls, smoke boxes, boiler doors, Boiler repairs:BCA carry out heavy duty repairs to boilers i.e. re-tubing, replacement of flame tubes, major shell repairs, as and where appropriate.

Boiler Consortium Africa

BCA was initially formed in 1979 as a private company, and subsequently registered as a private limited company in 1981. In the early years BCA was mainly concerned with boiler supply, installation & servicing.

Why Choose Us

BCA is one of the leading Engineering Companies in the region that deal in the manufacture and design of boilers, Incenerators, Soil Sterilizers and other Associated Plant.

Vision & Mission

To be the market leader in the field of engineering and combustion, to offer the market a cost effective, efficient and quality product to meet the client’s requirements.

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